Exercise Workouts for everyone

Enjoy the best fitness experience of your life while having fun and meeting new friends in a safe and welcoming environment

Mobile Fitness Bootcamp

Mixing the Best Training Systems in the World to Improve Strength, Dexterity, Flexibility, Posture, Speed, Balance, and Burn Fat using Push and Pull Mechanics and High Intensity Interval Training to Maximize the Overall Benefit

Making Fitness Accessible and Fun for Everyone, Including You!

Whether you are an adult, senior, or teen, you will find that Mobile Fitness Bootcamp is accessible, fun, and welcoming with all of our group exercise workout circuits, ensuring that overall health, a balanced approach, and posture improvements are at the core of what we offer for all of our boot camps, as a function of this, meeting new friends and building a happy community is the result

Fully Equipped Bootcamp

We have the most cutting edge workout gear and fitness equipment to ensure you get a world class exercise experience


We use a combination of barbells, dumbbells, and tires for the primary strength building elements of the bootcamp, done in a way to maximize your overall benefit


When it comes to being athletic we use a variety of resistance bands, kettlebells, medicine balls, and battle ropes to ensure you are having a full body workout that encourages great posture and speed

Burn Fat

Using the concept of high intensity interval training (HIIT) we use the rotation of the exercises in the bootcamp to maximize the benefit from one movement to another to ensure optimal fat burning

Mission Statement

When you decide to exercise and “get in shape” or challenge yourself in similar ways, the main factors that are generally considered are: what you need to improve, what you want to improve, what days and times are you available for such improvements, and how societal norms impact your perception of yourself and how you want to look

With that said Mobile Fitness Bootcamp is the most well designed overall fitness system to “get in shape” while working on your posture and flexibility, losing body fat and building muscle, increasing athleticism and strength, and having tons of fun meeting new friends in a group workout setting

Generic “workout of the day” concepts leave a huge amount of wasted time and energy on missing an overall complete workout of your entire physique, and as a professional your time is valuable, so you want to get improvements everywhere at the same time on your body

This is where our bootcamps really shine in terms of results versus time and money spent, and you can trust that the concepts and process at Mobile Fitness Bootcamp lead to results, every workout movement is meticulously planned and structured into a specific order for fitness excellence, using push and pull mechanics

Experience the best exercise workout of your life in beautiful Sunshine Coast British Columbia, we are looking forward to meeting you!

Adrian, Founder of Mobile Fitness Bootcamp

Your Fitness, Your Way

We work hard to offer quality and high value fitness experiences, our goal is to be price competitive while offering a totally unique and engaging workout system that challenges and motivates you to move

*Seniors 60+ and Veterans Receive 25% Off
*Monthly Fees are Charged 1st day of Each Month

Bootcamp Dropin

Most popular

Dropin and attend any bootcamp that you want to, great for trials and schedule setting

$ 15 per class

*Taxes Included

Bootcamp Monthly

Most popular

Attend as many bootcamps as you want to per month, and take advantage

$ 45 per month

*Taxes Included

Personal Training

Most popular

Private one on one personal training with our bootcamp founder, starting at 

$ 65 per session

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Schedule and Locations

We have daily bootcamps on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia within the Towns of Gibsons, Sechelt, and Roberts Creek. The schedule and locations below are in effect and can change seasonally

Note: for each bootcamp you can attend the whole time or just take part in how much of it that you want too, things are designed to be flexible and convenient while providing schedule overlap, so arrive any time between start to finish and enjoy yourself, most clients do about 60-90 minutes total


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Coming Soon

Roberts Creek

Monday to Saturday from 7am to 10am
1525 Park Ave

Message or Call

We look forward to hearing from you and providing answers to your questions, while building trust together so you can benefit from our Mobile Fitness Bootcamp and Personal Training services on the Sunshine Coast of BC Canada